Opening Reception: Thursday, July 17th, 2008 at 7 p.m.

Duration of the exhibition:
July 18th, 2008 to September 20th 2008

Galerie Andreas Binder presents the first solo exhibition by Andrius Zakarauskas and his new series of works.
The subject of paintings by young artist Andrius Zakarauskas is himself, his introspection and auto reflection. It is he who subordinates traditional types of painting as genre painting, self portrait, landscape and interior, still life and hand study. All this genre serves one task the observing of painting process itself. Namely he is equally interested in painting act as well as detecting impulses made of autobiographical facts, environment, art history, works of contemporary artists. Not less like motives it is very important the spiritual state of the artist and his moods. Auto reflection is always followed by melancholy and sadness which intervenes in strange and very personal elements of humor. Specific paradox is characteristic to Zakarauskas creation. His art is figurative painting but there is nobody and nothing concrete or strictly defined. The interior of workshop is easily transformed into space of the gallery or is being transformed into snow field or the sky landscape. almost all figures in canvases are self portraits of the artist with characteristic way of body sitting, posture or even clothing. At the same time all these pictures are portrayed without faces like the personage of artist`s muse. Grotesque animal masks worn by characters endue fantasy for the scenes in previous canvases. At present moment the atmosphere of anxiety is created by other means. The sizes of all figures traced moderately and they look a bit ephemeris. People often turn into shadows blending with a wall or soaring in space or even dark spots in the ground surface.

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Andrius Zakarauskas
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